WCC2 | Tips To Win The Game

WCC2 – World Cricket Champion 2 game is designed for cricket fans! As the hottest cricket game for now, WCC2 offers players the brand new experience with advanced technology and innovative game modes. If you are a cricket lover, it is easy for you to get the good grades, and the excellent game experience. If you are a novice, don’t worry, we here to provide you with some tips and guides to win the game! Little Tips: MX Player can play all the game videos!

18 WCC2 | Tips To Win The Game

WCC2 provides players with different kinds of matches and different game modes. It highly imitates the real cricket match and sets up the PASS OFF game rules. If you are a novice, you are supposed to start from the simplest mode. When you pass off the game gradually, you can get the specific skills which can help you win. It is called “Player attributes”– Players gain extra skills for consistent performance and this enables them to improve progressively. Of course, it is easy for you to win the simplest mode, and get the basic skills.

It is easy for you to invite your friends to get in this game as well. WCC2 offers players with Challenge A Friend mode and Gangs of Cricket mode. In Challenge A Friend mode, you can invite your friends into a match. It is a good news that if your friends are cricket lovers, who can help you to win the game. In Gangs of Cricket mode, you can join in the game group and compete with your teammates. It is the best and fast way for novice to get the skills!

18 WCC2 | Tips To Win The Game

If you are not a cricket addicted, but wanna to learn something about cricket, WCC2 is your best choice. Not only can you get an excellent game experience, but also you can learn some rules of cricket. With the most realistic gaming atmosphere, you can soon get into the game environment. At the end of the match, you can easily share your great performance with your friends with social media. Just clicking the button, then share and save game highlights generated.

More tips and guides can be found in the games! Do not hesitate, just have a first try! Leave a commend if you wanna share your tips of WCC2. Don’t forget to play the cricket match on MX Player if you wanna learn the real rules of cricket!


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