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Although action star Salman Khan of Bollywood said this film is torrible works even the dogs will not see in India, although the film finally earned a little, although the topic of this film is too extravagant for a country which a large population struggling in the surviving , we can not deny that it is indeed very good as for itself.

Ethan ask the court for Euthanasia when his limbs paralyzed 14 years,this requirement made his friends and family shocked,and caused a wide range debate of social.Then,the film talked about the right and the fault of Euthanasia in positive and negative sides by multi-angle of Ethan’s friends and relatives,Public opinion,The judiciary and Religion.The film maintain a neutral attitude all the time in process,There is no subjective standing on either side, which is the very valuable point of the film, it gives the audience opportunities to fully examine this controversial topic.Guzaarish The Right Of Death - Guzaarish Reviews

At the same time,Ethan has been fighting for 14 years of life.He is not a depressed figure, but now every organ began to fail, and the situation deteriorated can’t be stopped.From the point of medical view, there is no room for transfer, the quality of life and the dignity of life can not be guaranteed, that he will produce euthanasia is too easy to understand, and as euthanasia of the judiciary, it’s reasons also can be accepted, after all, a country’s law is not for a person or a small group , the introduction of each legal policy will have a great impact on society, agreing with euthanasia will encourage suicide, and even lead to some crimes which would be covered , Such a concern is indeed unreasonable.So, in fact, although the pros and cons are in the same case, but the angle is completely different, and simply two topics, which is why the court hearing the case, This also explains why euthanasia can not be legalized, it is not unreasonable for judicial, but the things are too broad what it needs to consider to .

Friends and relatives form the opposite of both sides and debate explosivly.They are the person who really concernde about Ethan,whose purpose is consistent and all of them hope Ethan be good,but who can definie “good” precisly?The lawyer who supported Eisan argued that if we love Eisan and should let him be happy, he willing to be free while struggling living and why did not follow his heart.But the nurse who opposed Eisan thought that Eisan should keep him alive as much as possible instead of death.She struggle for this with Ethan for 14 years.The argument happended here is not right or wrong of euthanasia, but is what is true love in the debate, frankly, this is a topic which is not conclusived in worldwide, also explains why euthanasia is always a controversial topic.Guzaarish The Right Of Death - Guzaarish Reviews

in my opinion,i would not discuss the right and wrong of Euthanasia and if Ethan should be alive or die.what i want to say is that one person has the right to die just like the right of living.Don’t judging the right and wrong of his decison, because this is his private matter, others have no right to interfereeven if wrong.

The film started from the euthanasia of the discussion,
the final conclusion in what is true love conclusion, cleverly neither euphoric position, nor make the film in a vague end, in fact, The end is very unexpected, and quite shocking! Love the Ethan’s nurse, changed his attitude, that love him to let him happy, she even agreed to risk at the risk of the prison,
Help Ethan to complete this wish. But this end makes me very confused, if the nurse can for love, contrary to the desire to let Isan death, then why can not for the love of Ethan, contrary to the heart.Is it willing to live for a nurse? Although I do not deny that he really has the right to die.

India has hundreds of millions of people struggling on survival , it’s not suitable for it to discuss euthanasia , even if the recent rise of the Indian middle class may not taste high to like to discuss this topic, so the box office failure is expected., So,Salman Khan’s words is rude, but also the truth,how can we talk about the right to death when it’s hard to surviving?

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