My Name Is Khan Reviews:My name is good man

this is a positive work which is filled with ennrgy,i can’t clam down for a long time after watching,it tells a good life beliefs how a person is insist on being a good man when facing a variety of difficulties,and finally impressed every one,included me.

Khan is different fron other children since borning,he has a serious obstacle in expressing himself, in fact, he is very smart,he can not only reciting English text fluently,but also to repair a variety of electrical appliances, but it is difficult for him to integrate into the lives of normal people.The Indian has a little knowledge about Autism because of backward.The growth of Khan depends on the mother’s love,the respectable mother try to communicate with the Khan day after day patiencly and never had Irritable and despise and find a suitable teacher for Khan to teach him something.The education with love established Khan’s confidence,and he is dare to face his own life although he fells dazzling when he saw a yellow goods.

3 My Name Is Khan Reviews:My name is good man

Confident life is a good attitude to life, but Khan can eventually be socially acceptable, relying not only on self-confidence, more importantly, rely on faith – insist on doing a good man. Although due to their own shortcomings, Khan was neighbors despise, but when flooded the yard, Khan incompetent with their own wisdom to drain water, to resolve the plight of the crowd, so that the neighbors not only recognize his talent , But also to see his gold heart, since Khan was the neighborhood of the recognition. When Khan became a cosmetics salesman, he carefully experienced every product and honestly described to the customer, despite the marketing process, often be discriminated against, and even someone shouted his monsters in the street, but he unwavering, honesty, he Will tell the customer, the description of the seven days of the start, in fact, 10 days of onset, the customer ordered him a large number of products, he will be told in good faith, the product will expire 3 months, no need to order so many quantities. In this thick black school popular moment, people have been accustomed to the calculation of intrigues, Khan’s kindness and sincerity is unique charm, gradually Khan in the industry in the success of foothold, and harvest valuable love.

Just get a happy life of Khan, but also suffered a big change in life, 911 terrorist attacks unexpectedly, the Muslims in the United States has become very difficult situation, Khan’s step-son is also beaten by the same school students died, His wife will be angry to the Khan, she complained about the identity of Khan, killed his son, grief to leave the Khan.

Faced with such a big setback, Khan Although sad, but still faith firm. As the original self-confidence to face their own illness, Khan is still confident to face their own Muslim identity, when the surrounding Muslims in order to avoid discrimination, have to pick scarves, shaving beard, Khan regardless of everyone looked strange, Day prayer. As the original was ridiculed monsters but insisted on doing a good faith, Khan did not die because of the Muslims and hatred, when the extremists to incite the Muslim riots, Khan loudly scolded him is the devil, and quickly reported to the FBI, when Tornado strikes, Khan regardless of security, and actively rescue the people, although they are not Muslims. Khan with their own actions, to maintain the dignity and reputation of the Muslims, and ultimately regain happiness.

3 My Name Is Khan Reviews:My name is good man

Khan’s two identities, will make people misunderstood the film is for these two groups to the community complaints, especially the Muslims are more sensitive to the identity of some friends will think that this works for the Muslims excuse, it is true, religious topics, the film one Began by the Khan mother Daoming, holding the sugar and holding a stick of the people, simply can not distinguish between which they come from the religion, can only distinguish between good and bad people, there are only two kinds of people in the world, that is good And the bad guys, these words show that there is no difference between the different religious believers, there should be no prejudice and estrangement, and finally Khan does comply with this idea, married a non-Muslim wife, this idea in line with the Indian religious museum society Status quo, aimed at advocating the elimination of barriers between religions. Then, the film further and repeatedly advocated to insist on doing a good faith, is actually a guide to religious beliefs, the fundamental religion is to teach believers to do a good man, rather than to distinguish you and me, as the film said To the way of God is love, not hatred and war. “The hatred between different religions is not the intention of religion, here is in fact condemning Muslim militants. Finally, Khan’s deeds set a model for all Muslims, showing how a truly devout Muslim should continue his own beliefs in today’s environment, and if sublimation to a larger life theme, Khan’s story is to tell people , Even if setbacks, do not give up to do a good faith, which is even suitable for atheists. Therefore, the film on the Muslims of this content, should not be narrowly interpreted as a Muslim innocence, as I said before, Khan has not complained to the victim’s attitude, of course, after watching such a touching film, many people Will leave a prejudice against the Muslims.

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