Some Easter Eggs Of Thor Ragnarok

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In the Thor series of comic books, Ragnarok is a cyclical cycle of Asgard’s death and rebirth. According to the prophecy, when the last days come, the glittering titan, Silttel, will cross the Rainbow Bridge and destroy Asga with the sword of dawn. All the Nordic gods will die in this battle, and then they will be born again and again and again Reincarnation.

1 Some Easter Eggs Of Thor RagnarokSurtur
The glittering titan, Surtur, appeared at the opening, is an important part of the gods’ dusk.
In Nordic mythology, Surtur was the ruler of Muspelheim, the kingdom of fire. It was during the battle of the last days that he put a huge sword in the sky and destroyed the entire universe.
In the comics, Siltre is one of the long-term enemies of Thor, the same is a very powerful existence. He has a thousand hot sun forces, enough to destroy an entire galaxy. His Twilight, forged from the heart of a burning galaxy, devastated the galaxy inhabited by Ray Ray Beta Beta and Korbinites.1 Some Easter Eggs Of Thor Ragnarok
The Eternal Flame, as its name implies, never dies, is the source of Surtur’s true energy, appearing in the first film, hidden in the underground treasure house of the Ascension Palace.
Goddess of death-Hela
In the movie, Hela is Thor and Rocky lost sister for many years. Mythology, because Rocky is Odin’s brother, so Thore and Hella peers. In the comic, Hella is Loki’s daughter, which is Thor’s niece, and grew up she was appointed to Odin as the Underworld (Hel) and the ruler of the Kingdom of Niflheim (Ruler), becoming the goddess of death .1 Some Easter Eggs Of Thor Ragnarok
Comic Lyotin also has a lost daughter (Thor’s half sister), who was kidnapped by an angel Queen at birth to threaten the Odin surrender, but Odin would not make the woman kill the girl, Later, an angel found the baby girl did not die, so secretly raising her, and named her Angela (Angela).1 Some Easter Eggs Of Thor Ragnarok
Hella has also incorporated other characters in the comics, such as Cul Borson, Aunt Olten, who should have inherited the throne of the palace, but was kept in custody by Odin as she spread fears and was liberated millennia later. In the movie, Hella crumpled Tor’s hammer effortlessly, while in the comic, Cul easily shredded Captain America’s shield.1 Some Easter Eggs Of Thor Ragnarok
In the movie, Hela was able to create weapons out of thin air and kill three parties at Sin Gong. In one scene, the sword she held was suspected of being the All-Black the Necrosword. In the comic, the sword belonged to Gorr, possessing the ability to manipulate the darkness and change form. Using his sword, Geel killed so many gods that God named the Butcher.
One-eyed Thor
Thor lost one eye after the final confrontation with Hela, and the one-eyed image echoes Thor’s father, Odin, reminiscent of King Thor, the comic, who is the future of the old Thor In addition to the one-eyed he also replaced a robotic arm.1 Some Easter Eggs Of Thor Ragnarok
End of the Easter egg 01
Thor’s spacecraft encountered a mysterious giant spacecraft, has been identified as the monopoly of the flagship, called “Sanctuary II.” Sanctuary is the seat of the throne of hegemony, but also to understand the base of extinguishing tyrants, in the “compound” and “Silver Guard” have appeared. The emergence of Extinguishing Spacecraft undoubtedly related to the plot of “Compound 3”, and it was believed that Thor, who had just escaped from birth, had to be abused again.1 Some Easter Eggs Of Thor Ragnarok
End of the Easter egg 02
Gospel came out from the ruins of the palace and met a group of Sakar who had stepped forward to arrest him. Gracious himself excused himself, first of all thanks to all, then thanked himself, for without him there was no This revolution …
Finally, the fragment did not account for the high celestial end, but he as one of the universe elders, no one is estimated that the entire planet is his opponent, so this fragment is probably just funny ……1 Some Easter Eggs Of Thor Ragnarok

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