Dunkirk Review: “Dunkirk” is just a sense of ignorance with well-known ending

No one likes war, we are reluctant to return to the past of war. However, in Christopher Nolan directed the new film Dunkirk, we were pulled back to 1940, when the history of World War II famous Dunkirk battle.

In fact, Dunkirk in the history of the film has been repeatedly show. Joe Wright directed the film Atonement, followed by James McCarthy played Robbie Turner’s footsteps, through a 5-minute long shot to show Dunkirk Beach the whole picture: hundreds of thousands of waiting to go home Soldiers, stranded ships, guns and horses, chanting warriors, anxious people waiting for the moment and the moment of the Ferris wheel. However, by the composition of the epic scenes in the “Dunkirk” completely can not see.

20170831045929301631 Dunkirk Review: "Dunkirk" is just a sense of ignorance with well-known ending

To know, Nolan shot Dunkirk is not a traditional sense of the war film.

Flying out of the sky filled with “you have been surrounded” leaflets, the film will be a direct opening of the audience will be pulled into the Dungeons wharf battlefield. The audience did not have time to understand the story from the movie before the situation, only to immerse them, into the risk of minutes and seconds. Nolan uses the sea, land and air three lines parallel to explain, explain to the audience only clues only written at different times three subtitles, this “week” “day” “an hour” is Nolan for the film’s psychological construction, to Audience perception illusion.

20170831045929301631 Dunkirk Review: "Dunkirk" is just a sense of ignorance with well-known ending

The use of non-linear narrative techniques, the three lines of the invisible clips together, holographic show different space at the same time the battlefield. The film through the real shot with the combination of special effects, the real reduction of anti-wave bombing, destroyers sank, fighter landing and other scenes. The whole film did not appear between the two sides fierce fighting bloody scenes, shooting the beach lens also did not see the scene of 400,000 people, Nolan’s lens has always wandered in the soldiers, commanders and other actors around, “I saw trees, “There is no Nolan movie in the classic wonders of the narrative. Nolan from a very personal narrative point of view, focus on the survival of individual war, and then converge to show grand narrative.

Dunkirk, the lens concentrated in the 400,000 British retreat, firefighting fighters, mineswrecked by the German bombers bombing, the enemy did not positive lens. The film for the enemy of the fuzzy treatment, starring one of the Mark Reilly said in an interview that this allows people not only to the Germans as enemies, because World War II is not a war between Britain and Germany, it is against Fascism, the war against the dictator. For Nolan, the change in the identity of the enemy can make the film focus on “live is the victory,” the theme of expression.

20170831045929301631 Dunkirk Review: "Dunkirk" is just a sense of ignorance with well-known ending

Before the bombing of the bombing, the German aircraft sound first appeared in the fuselage, all the soldiers instinctively bowed his head to avoid; destroyers were torpedo sinking, Fiona Whitehead played the soldiers opened the door jumped into the sea; fire fighter was hit In the forced landing on the sea, Jack Lauton played the pilot desperately smashed glass to escape. These scenes are Nolan by the war film shell to convey the disaster before each individual instinct to survive the fear, and these early he had foreshadowed.

Hans Timothy’s soundtrack in order to meet the atmosphere to create the demands of credit. Although the full length of 107 minutes of the film was nearly 100 minutes of time covered, but Hans Timothy in the film with the clock ticking sound as the theme of divergent creation, and to Xie Bade tone as the core, to create a rising The illusion of the tone, to create a can let the audience feel the whole experience of tight.

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