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Daddy is dependant on a real story and it is certainly the very best crime drama film since Ram Gopal Verma’s Company (2002). Initially when i first viewed Raees this season, I had been just a little disappointed by its treatment. The screenplay, art direction and performances looked artificial and bigger than existence. Since that film was imaginary it labored and switched to be another Bollywood mainstream film. Daddy however is really a classic, indie film. The screenplay is non- straight line and perfectly performed. Arjun Rampal and Ashim Ahluwalia’s screenplay prevented using glorifying dialogues and unnecessary songs to titillate the senses of Indian audience. The storyline HAS content unlike many Bollywood mainstreams. I believe art direction, that felt realistic and detailed, permitted the performances to translate on screen well. Arjun Rampal as Arun Gawli was intense and incredibly grounded. The supporting cast people are the real thing though. There is gravitas within their performance, especially Nishikant Kamath who performed the cop. Kudos to Jessica Lee Gagne and Pankaj Kumar’s cinematography. Arjun Rampal’s subject material and Ashim Ahluwalia’s direction has presented us having a gritty crime drama that’s thrilling up until the very finish. Certainly worth watching.

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