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That old adage that “big things are available in small packages” has certainly demonstrated to be real for that “EasyInch films. In some way, against all odds, this little guy has legs, becoming probably the most long lasting and consistent horror movie franchise in recent memory, spanning and surviving 30 years, without retcons or reboots. A huge part of this success lies in the ft of author switched author- director, Don Mancini, that has been in the helm forever, making certain consistency throughout each installment. Also along for that ride forever may be the indispensable Kaira Dourif as killer switched killer-toy, Chucky. Dourif’s manic and frequently amusing vocal performance coupled with Mancini’s “anything goes” sensibility makes each film a real pleasure to look at. All that fan-pleasing, funny-bone teasing goodness has returned for that seventh film, “Cult of Chucky.”

2 Cult of Chucky Reviews

Obtaining where 2013’s “Curse of Chucky” ended, “Cult of Chucky” finds Nica (Fiona Dourif) now dedicated to a mental institution. Nica continues to be pummeled by electro-shock therapy into believing she wiped out her entire family, therefore it is as much as Chucky’s original enemy, Andy (performed with a now fully-grown Alex Vincent), arrive at her save and set childish things away, for good. On the way, he needs to deal with Chucky’s on-again/off-again lover, Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly), that has now lived on your body of Jennifer Tilly. Confused? Well, watch another movies.

2 Cult of Chucky Reviews

Climax the 2nd film within the series to become sent direct-to- video, the standard has not necessarily dipped with “Cult of Chucky.” Mancini returns towards the director’s chair for that third time, and the visual style is extremely informed by his time spent focusing on NBC’s short-resided “Hannibal.” Along for that ride is effects guy Tony Gardner, who turns in his most impressive try to date. The show is full of practical effects that aren’t only convincing, but inspiring. If your DTV follow up might have effects that put similar theatrical releases to shame, maybe there’s hope for future years from the genre in the end. Around the acting front, Fiona Dourif digs much deeper into her character and extremely appears to have going gradually mad. The elder Dourif, meanwhile, is really as crazy and charming as always because the voice of everyone’s killer toy. Vincent’s go back to the franchise is definite reason for celebration. His performance is a touch wooden, however when you consider he threw in the towel acting some twenty five years ago, it’s not hard to cut him some slack. His presence is sufficient, so far as this fan is worried. Talking about presence, Jennifer Tilly continues to be a complete bombshell, and her character feels very resided-in and it is now an extremely important component from the franchise.

The show includes a couple of surprises you will not see coming, and you will certainly wish to stay before the very finish, friend. Like “Curse” before it, “Cult of Chucky” plays the fan service game without insulting its audience. There’s lots of fresh ideas stirred one of the nostalgia, and Mancini’s mythology will most likely require a comprehensive guide moving forward. The humor is nice, the horror is well-done and also the film looks and sounds appropriately cold and crisp (shout to composer Joe Loduca, of “Evil Dead” fame). It’s all regulated in good, gory fun. Fans who’ve managed to get to this point will discover this “Cult” worth worship.

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