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Sparked by the horrific and senseless genocidal tragedy termed”the 1984 riots” ,31st October depicts the story squarely through the eyes of those it affected the most:it’s victims.It seeks to remember and remind us of the sheer basic heroism of those willing to hold their own against the madness of the mobs in order to protect their friends and loved ones.It takes it’s time to haunt us with the consequences of communal insanity even as it navigates it’s way through the intricacies of the lives of it’s characters. With stellar performances by it’s leads Vir Das and Soha Ali Khan ,the movie serves as a riveting account of the divisiveness of the forces of political manipulation that still exist In India to this day.It unapologetically traverses rigid controversial boundaries lying deep in the vision of India we are trying to inherit .Without remorse,it can easily be considered one of the most haunting flicks to be released this year Highly recommended for anybody wishing for an undistorted view of the Indian spirit.

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